In talking about Fraser Mullins we need to compare him to the Rough and the perfect ashlar.

Many people when looking at an ashlar would see only a stone, with its shape and edges. A Freemason, instead, would see something far deeper than that. He would see the stage of personal development and transformation.

To achieve such a level, he must start by improving his spiritual and moral being by education and acquisition of knowledge, exactly like an ashlar where from rough stone, it can be molded into a perfect ashlar. It isn’t easy to cut stones to perfect sizes and shapes. It requires a lot of experience that only true craftsmen have.

So W Bro Fraser Mullin – Deputy Area Chairman of City East– tells his story which depicts the man behind the apron.

When asked why he joined Freemasonry. He said “I was already familiar with Freemasonry prior to joining, after supporting a close family friend who was an established Freemason, at several events organised in the province. The main reason I joined was that the values of the Freemasonry aligned closely with my own; in particular, the importance of charitable work, volunteering and providing support for those in need”.

Fraser has two older children, one currently at University and the other at work. With them even the most mundane conversations are often littered with sharp humour and quick comebacks. “ great company” – he said.

When Fraser steps outside his house, he enjoys walking, whether locally on the moors or further afield; in particular in the North West Highlands, but what he likes the most is football which he was actively involved in. he also took part in martial arts up until his late twenties.

As life went on, he took a step back from playing football, and he thought he needs to experience it vicariously through the exploits of a teams that he has been fortunate to be involved in running for the last 29 years.

His job reminds, Fraser why he has joined Freemasonry. What they have in common is education. He is the current Deputy Headteacher in a large independent school in Bolton, where together with his colleagues. He educates young people to be a force for good in society, embracing similar values and tenets through their civic engagement, volunteering and social entrepreneurship. “A job that I find rewarding and enjoyable”, Fraser said.

Story by Bro Francesco Toto