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Two Great Reasons to Celebrate!

At Manchester Hall on the 9th of September this year, it was an exceptional occasion for Old Mancunians with Mount Sinai Lodge number 3140.

It was not just any regular meeting! No, it was an unprecedented double celebration of two Brethren who have enjoyed 110 years of Freemasonry between them. The mood was jubilant, with over 70 fellow Masons in attendance.

Worshipful Brother Michael Adler has enjoyed sixty joyful years as a Freemason, and Worship Brother David Silverman celebrated fifty, both landmark achievements.

Following the usual Lodge business conducted by the Worshipful Master, Bro Aris Nafpaktitis, the Provincial Director of Ceremonies, WBro John Curry, entered the Lodge and addressed the Worshipful Master; stating that the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro John Farrington, was outside the Lodge and that he demanded admission. He entered the Lodge accompanied by a Provincial Delegation which included WBro Mark Davis, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the Manchester Area; WBro Paul Yates, Provincial Senior Grand Warden; WBro Dave McGurty, Provincial Junior Grand Warden, WBro Andrew Taylor and WBro Chris Wildman, City Sykes District Chairman.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master was offered the gavel by the Worshipful Master, and on this occasion, he was delighted to accept it. The Lodge Wardens were also temporarily replaced by the Provincial Senior and Junior Wardens.

The double celebration commenced with WBro Mo Afsa ( Lodge Secretary ) reading the minutes from each of the celebrant’s initiation ceremonies. Even though he is a Doctor, he found the handwritten minutes from the meetings to be challenging to read, but the celebrants both agreed that they were correct. He then congratulated each of them was personally.

WBro Adler received a heartfelt tribute from WBro Louis Rappaport, after which the Deputy Provincial Grand Master spoke about the vast leaps that WBro Adler had made throughout his masonic career and as is the tradition for events such as this, looked back on the year that WBro Adler had been initiated into Freemasonry. He presented WBro Adler with his Illuminated Certificate and letter from The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Sir David Trippier.

Likewise, WBro Silverman received a personal tribute from WBro Steven Gordon, following which he had the pleasure of our own Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro Mark Davis, delivering his own moving tribute, detailing his vast achievements inside and outside the craft. WBro Davis looked back on the year that WBro Silverman was made a mason, then presented him with his Illuminated Certificate and letter from The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master. The celebrants were simultaneously perambulated around the Lodge to the rapturous applause of the Brethren.

Tribute to WBro Silverman

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