In the heart of Manchester Hall on a cold December night, where the echoes of Masonic history resonated through the bricks of the building, the members of Duke of Connaught Lodge met for their Christmas meeting: one of those present that night was Mel Rosenthal, a Mason who had dedicated a large part of his life to Freemasonry in Manchester and the Province of East Lancashire, and who had served as the Area Secretary for Manchester Masonry for ten years.


Mel had officially stepped down as the City East Area Secretary at the Provincial meeting last November; however, due to his mother’s sad passing, he could not attend that meeting, and the members of the area team could not pay tribute to him in a manner befitting his length of service.


The Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Paul O’Carroll, asked those in attendance to come to order and much to Mel’s surprise, he then presented Mel with an engraved crystal decanter and a bottle of Loch Ness single malt whiskey.

WBro. Paul O’Carroll said, “Mel, your service to Manchester Masonry and the Province has been exemplary. Tonight, we present you with some gifts to symbolise our gratitude for your ten years of dedicated and selfless service to the Manchester Masonic community” . Mel was overcome with emotion and thanked everyone for the kind gifts in recognition of his service.


Mel, On behalf of the entire City East team and Manchester Masons, we thank you for your service to the area.