Manchester Masons

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Becoming a Manchester Mason enables you to become part of a vibrant and energetic organization within the heart of a city that has now gained international recognition as being one of the most exciting places to visit in the world. Manchester Masons are like-minded men who come together to meet at Manchester and Salford Masonic Halls. Their aim is to dedicate their lives to charitable causes while undertaking a lifetime journey of self-improvement through the learning that Freemasonry provides through its ceremonies.

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Manchester Freemasonry is divided into two areas, City East and City West, there are 26 lodges to choose from in each area. These Lodges meet on different nights of the week. Generally, Lodges do not meet at the weekend. A Masonic season typically takes place between September and May, and the lodge will meet once each of these months though you might be required to attend another meeting which is called a rehearsal. During these months a lodge will usually begin its meeting sometime after 5 pm and the evening will be split into two separate parts. The first part of the evening is when the members meet within a lodge room; this is where the business of a lodge is transacted, which will typically include a ceremony. During the lodge meeting, the members will wear their regalia, and this usually consists of an apron, a collar and a jewel (if an officer of the lodge), and white gloves. Freemasons normally wear a dark suit, a white shirt, a black or provincial tie, and black shoes to their lodge meetings.

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One of the most appealing things about being a Manchester Mason is the diversity of its membership. Manchester Masons are from many different occupations and derive from lots of diverse cultures and they genuinely represent the cosmopolitan nature of the cities of Salford & Manchester. Once you become a member, you will continue to make new friends for the rest of your life. You will meet men who on a typical day-to-day basis you would never expect to encounter.

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Once the lodge business has finished the second part of the evening takes place. This is called the social board, during the social board the members will traditionally enjoy a meal and a drink together and various toasts will be proposed and responded to.

Manchester Masons are a close-knit community of men of all ages who all became Freemasons for many different reasons. Still, they all have one thing in common they enjoy being part of Freemasonry. Read what our members enjoy about being a member of our organization here.