Manchester Level Club

Manchester Level Club is run by light blue Manchester Masons and was formed in 2016, to bring together newer Brethren from Lodges that convene at different dates and times across Manchester.

The club is a great way to meet and socialise with your fellow junior Brethren who are yet to attain Provincial Grand Rank or equivalent. It also gives junior and newly initiated Masons time to learn some more of what goes on, why it is done, along with the meaning and relevance behind it. One of the most valuable parts of Freemasonry is the friendships that you build along the way. The MLC team is here to encourage and promote interaction through Learning Circles, Social Events, and much more amongst our members. We aim to help newer masons meet and make friends with others in the same stage of their masonic journey.

Membership is free. There is no joining fee or annual subscription. The only expenditure would be for anything incurred at the events you attend.

We sat down with our current Chairman Brother Hiten Patel to find out some about his Masonic Journey. feel free to get in touch us here

Why did you become a Freemason?

In truth, it was a bit of a happy accident…! A close friend of mine is a Lewis and we were discussing Freemasonry one evening. A few hours (and maybe some beers) later we decided that it was for us and we should look into it further. We were lucky in that he was a Lewis and his dad was able to point us in the right direction. There is so much information available online – some very helpful and a lot not at all!

After what seemed like a matter of days a lodge mentor from Manchester reached out to me and we had an initial discussion over the telephone. What he said to me rung true and I knew at that point Freemasonry was going to be something I would enjoy but also gain a lot from. A phone call then become a number of meetings over many months. I also got to meet my lodge a few times socially which was really helpful. Again, when I met the rest of the Lodge that really cemented it for me. I met a fantastic group of Gentlemen who I know call my brothers. My initiation date was set and the rest is history…!

When were you Initiated into Freemasonry?

March 2019. I know….it’s crazy to think I have been a Freemason just over 4 years and one of them we’ve not been able to meet! I feel like I’ve been a Freemason much longer and it’s become a big part of my life very quickly. I remember the day so vividly. I’m not one to get nervous that easily and usually take things in my stride, but I’ve got to admit, I was well out of my comfort zone. There is only so much you can do to be prepared for the unknown! The ceremony was fantastic and you often can’t put into words how you felt at that moment. My advice to any candidates going in is to just relax and enjoy it, the evening is all about you and your Brethren will make sure you have the most amazing evening at that!

What has the lockdown shown you about Freemasonry?

I’ve been truly amazed at how Freemasonry adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic. Eighteen months ago we were still in the Lodge Room having meetings and being none the wiser. Not once would I have dreamed the last 18 months my Freemasonry would have moved online! Zoom calls with Brethren from my Lodge was the last thing I was expecting.

The number of online events has been staggering. Not only that, I feel like I’m even closer to my Lodge as we’ve all made an effort to stay in touch over Zoom but also in a new Whatsapp group as well…again…who would have thought!

The online events have been a revelation and none more so to me than the MLC Learning Sessions. Along with WBro Philip Titterton and Bro Paul Mansell, we’ve really managed to create a very special forum for Light Blues to come and learn. I’ve also made some long lasting connections and friends from not only the UK but around the world.

The way Freemasonry shifted online during the pandemic has shown me that Brotherly Love is one of the strongest bonds you can have and nothing will get in the way of that.

So what’s planned for the Manchester Level Club?

We’ll continue to focus on what we think are three key elements of the club and that’s Learning, Social and Charity. All three will have a big part to play the next 12 months and we’ll be discussing more during the upcoming committee meeting in September – ANY light blue in Manchester can be part of the committee and I’d encourage Brethren to attend the meetings. It will allow you to have your say as to how the club is run.

For me personally, as much as working on all of the above alongside the Chairman and our team, I very much want to keep progressing the Learning Sessions and what they may look like after we go back to the Lodge Room.

Finally & randomly, tell us a hidden talent you have?

I’m not so sure it’s a “hidden talent” but many of you don’t know I’m actually a professionally trained actor…If I was asked what my “trade” was that would be it! If you look really carefully you may find me in a couple of episodes of Eastenders and The Bill back in the day…! I have to say…it does help when it comes to learning and delivering ritual!