The meeting of Maccabee Lodge on Wednesday, the 15 of November, will be remembered for two reasons: the initiation of our newly made Brother James Wilson, a 34 years old Senior ROV (Remotely Operated {underwater} Vehicle) Pilot Technician and the 50th Anniversary in Freemasonry of Bro. lan Ellis who joined Dawn Lodge in Leeds in 1973 before moving to Manchester and joining Maccabee in 1983.

The Lodge was opened in due form by the WM, W. Bro Martin Morris; he then offered the gavel to WBro Mark Davis, Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the Manchester East Area, who kindly refused. This was Mark Davis’s last day as an APGM, as he retired the next day at the Blackburn Provincial Grand Lodge Annual meeting.

The first business on the agenda was to confirm the Minutes. These were approved and confirmed by all the Brethren of Maccabee, attending the meeting. The WM then announced the next business on the summons was to Initiate Mr James Wilson, for which ceremony he claimed the assistance of W Bro Tony Blasebalk, a Past Master in the Lodge.

  1. Bro Tony Blasebalk initiated Mr. Wilson, giving him a night to remember for years to come. Bro Aaron Garner delivered the tools, and Bro Davies delivered the Charge.

After the newly made Bro, Wilson left the lodge accompanied by W. Bro. Ian Paul to restore himself to his personal comforts, W. Bro. Blasebalk stepped down to a cheer and W. Bro. Morris took charge of the lodge. Whilst waiting for the candidate to return before proceeding with the presentation of his 50th certificate to Bro Ian Ellis, the WM continued with other general business, including the adoption of Lodge Accounts.

There was a report, and the Inner Guard announced the candidate’s return along with the Acting Mentor.

Then the APGM, Mark Davis, presented Bro. Ellis with a certificate for his milestone of 50 years with a letter from the right Provincial Grand Master Robert lan Frankl. Then W Bro Ed Beamen, Deputy Chairman of the District, who also took this role for the last time before becoming District Chairman, presented Bro. Ellis with a special pin for this achievement. Bro. Ellis was touched by everything.

Following the completion of the business on the agenda, the WM closed the Lodge and let the real celebration begin in the social board. Plenty of kind words to welcome Brother Wilson, starting this new life adventure and Bro. Ellis a kind man who dedicated his entire life to his family and to charity.

A lovely and enjoyable night to remember for both of these Brethren for different reasons: to keep deeply in their heart, especially on cold nights when they feel lonely, to always remember that when we have a story to tell and a brother to listen, we are never lonely, we will always have family, and we will always be Freemasons.

Story by Bro. Francesco Toto