In a heart-warming display of solidarity and goodwill, two Manchester Masons Thomas Daniel & Elliot Jervis put their friendship aside, laced up the leather and entered the squared circle in one of humankind’s oldest sports, to help raise some funds for the 2026 Festival.
The local community gathered at the Holiday Inn Bolton to witness a charity boxing match like no other. This event wasn’t just about athletic prowess; it was about coming together to support a noble cause and make a difference in the lives of those in need.

From the outset, the atmosphere was filled with positivity and excitement. Families, friends, and supporters cheered through the air as they eagerly awaited the spectacle about to unfold. But this wasn’t your typical boxing match – it was a showcase of compassion and generosity.

The fighters, a mix of amateur enthusiasts and seasoned veterans, stepped into the ring to compete and raise funds and awareness for the festival 2026. Each jab, hook, and uppercut thrown wasn’t just a display of skill, but a symbol of hope for those less fortunate in the community.

What truly set this charity boxing match apart was the spirit of camaraderie and unity that permeated every round. Fighters from all walks of life, representing different professions and backgrounds, put aside their differences and came together for a common cause. Their determination to make a difference was evident in every punch thrown and every moment of sportsmanship shared.

As the final bell rang and the dust settled, Tom was declared the winner, However, the true winners of the night were the individuals and families who would benefit from the generosity of those in attendance. While one fighter may have emerged victorious in the ring, the real triumph was the outpouring of support and goodwill that permeated the event.

This charity boxing match was a shining example of the incredible impact that can be achieved when a community comes together for a common purpose. Through their dedication, compassion, and generosity, the participants and supporters of this event proved that even amid adversity, there is always strength in unity.