Felicity Lodge are at it again!

Following the amazing success in the summer, Felicity Lodge are doing a Christmas Food Bank Run in December. If you would like to donate and help feed families in Greater Manchester click HERE or on the trolley.

In the summertime, the mighty brethren from Felicity raised a fantastic amount for food banks all over Manchester; this time, they hope to “Go big or go home” like last time.

“It is a sad fact but the reliance on food banks have gone up tremendously in last year, so now more than ever people need our help”

Word has it that if enough money is raised, then Bro. Sonny Welsh will deliver the food dressed up as Shrek! – Now that is worth Donating for.

If you want to help you can donate by using the link below, or get in touch using our email

Thanks Everyone and Stay Safe

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