Salford foodbank was founded in 2012 and is dedicated to working towards minimising hunger in the area. City West Freemasons, with support from the Salford Ladies committee and the Hemsley Hall Catering team, have been supporting the foodbank for the past few years.

Ian Macneill, City West Area Charity Steward, keeps close contact with the food bank to ensure the help we offer is always targeted to make the most out of our support. As such, our recent donation was made in January, a time when support can be lower but demands even greater.

Members of the City West Area team met Paul and Mervyn at the foodbank to present money and food to the value of 2000. The 2000 had been fund matched with the East Lancashire Masonic Charity and the Masonic Charitable Foundation. 500.00 from ELMC, 500,00 from M.C.F. and 1000.00 from West Area lodges and Salford Ladies committee.

In the photo from left to right, Eric Baker, Area Assistant Charity Steward, Ian Macneill, Area Charity Steward, Paul and Mervyn of Salford food bank, John Roberts Area Royal Arch Area Officer.