Caledonian Lodge undertook a triple passing ceremony. To achieve this they reached out to the Manchester Level Club to assist with the ceremony.

Every ceremony is special. The atmosphere, the rituals, the Brethren involved and the work behind the scenes. The work put in will create memories that the candidate will never forget. When the ceremony is a triple passing this becomes an even bigger event and like in this case, a lodge small in numbers will reach out to other lodges or the Manchester Level Club to assist with the additional officers required.

That’s what happened on Wednesday 10th of April where a few brethren from Caledonian Lodge no. 204, helped by few members of the Manchester Level Club (MLC) from City West and East, undertook the passing of three member of University lodge of Manchester: Bro Javid Davoodi, Bro David Hampton and Bro Humphrey Ozochime.

Few pictures from Caledonian socialboard

The Brethren who assisted were from different lodges and different ranks. The following Brethren were asked to assist the officers of Caledonian in making the triple ceremony as memorable as possible: Worshipful Master – Frank Bowling – University of Manchester Lodge No 5683

Senior Warden  Bro Lyle Davies – Maccabee Lodge No 8947 and Bro Patrick Boyce-Thompson Old Mancunians with Mount Saini Lodge no 3140

Junior Warden  Bro Kusal Ariyawansa  – Lodge of Friendship No 44 and Bro Francesco Toto – Maccabee Lodge No 8947.

Senior Deacon – Bro Aaron Garner – Maccabee Lodge No 8947, and Bro Jacub Grzesiek – Old Mancunian with Mount Sinai Lodge No 3140.

Tyler W Bro Steve Keable – Lodge of Friendship No 44 and Bro Stuart Mackenzie – Maccabee Lodge No 8947.

At the Passing of the three candidate there were two guests who are senior members of the Province: W Bro Mark Davis – ex APGM for the Province of East Lancashire and W Bro Chris Armstrong – Chairman of City West.

The ceremony went very well, leaving a warm atmosphere like only Freemason can do making all the effort to support together Brethren they have never met before. This is as good an example of what Freemasonry really is: a brotherhood where everyone is ready to step in and help each other just because that’s the way Freemasonry work. One for all and all for one.

Story by Francesco Toto