Manchester Masons hosted the Annual Broken Column Lunch for Widows of Masons on Sunday, 3rd April 2022, at Manchester Hall; it was great to see everyone again after a two-year-long break due to the pandemic.


The Broken Colum Dinner is a day for celebrating all the remarkable women in our lives, especially the widows of our passed Brothers it was a fantastic day of fellowship and tribute.

Seventy-six people attended, including widows and guests from Hewlett Court. (A Residential home that belongs to the East Lancashire Masonic Charity [ELMC] which has cared for Freemasons and their dependants for over a century.)

Everyone was welcomed by members of the District team, including W.Bro Paul O Carroll and W.Bro Chris Armstrong (District Chairmen for the Manchester Districts)

Derby District Chairman WBro Paul O’Carroll enjoys the afternoon with his mum

Alongside the district team, members of the Manchester Level Club provided invaluable assistance on the day, helping to pick up & drop off widows and assist widows at the hall itself,

Level Club Member Bro S. Moldovan helps host the widows

All the ladies received a small gift, and new members were also presented with a Broken Column Broach.

The HOUGHTON WEAVERS delivered an outstanding performance after the meal that was enjoyed by all.

The District Team would like to thank all members who contributed to the event, especially WBro Ed Beaman and WBro Steve Wallace.