Lodge of Union n.268 

Over the last few months The Lodge of Union No 268, in Ashton Under Lyne, has held back-to-back 2nd degree or passing ceremonies.

While a lot is said about the importance of the initiation and raising ceremonies, the Lodge of Union, consecrated in 1788 in Manchester, used a unique version of the ritual. This is because this lodge doesn’t follow traditional emulation, following, instead the full version of each ritual which adds a special emphasis on the importance of the fellow craft journey, and how daily learning and improvement are essential to develop a proper Masonic attitude. 

During both occasions, the newly passed brethren, Bro Nathan Lowe and Bro Steven Beezer-Brown, thoroughly enjoyed their experiences in the temple and more so at the social board, with visitors from the Southern Areas, the Assistant Provincial Grand Masters (APGM), Rev Richard Hawkins and other members of the provincial communications team. 

The lodge uses a blend team of junior brethren and past masters to perform the ritual, showcasing a wide variety of talent and working styles. It truly provides an enjoyable experience for those brethren that have never witnessed pre-emulation ritual. 

Story by Bro Andy Robson