Following the resounding success of last year’s event, the eagerly anticipated Festival Flyer, a Steam Train Dining Experience, is back for its second annual run. Hosted by City West Freemasons, this enchanting event promises an unforgettable evening filled with fine cuisine, breathtaking scenery, and the nostalgic charm of a steam-powered locomotive.


Please mark your calendars for Saturday, September 30th, as the Festival Flyer23 invites all City West Freemasons, their families, and friends to come aboard the East Lancashire Railway for an extraordinary journey. The main attraction of the evening will be the opportunity to share this enchanting experience with none other than the Provincial Grand Master, Robert, and his wife, Fiona.


The Festival Flyer23 will chug through the picturesque Lancashire countryside, providing passengers with a front-row seat to nature’s beauty as the sun sets over the horizon. As the moon illuminates the landscape, guests will be treated to a sumptuous dining affair provided by “Dining with Distinction.” The menu, carefully curated from a list of excellent dishes, will be themed around early dinner parties, featuring culinary delights reminiscent of past times.


Notably, this year’s event offers a discounted meal onboard the Steam Train, courtesy of the East Lancashire Railway’s generous donation of their time and resources to support the East Lancashire Masonic 2026 Festival. The service and quality of the dining experience remain uncompromised, as guests will relish the same top-notch service that the East Lancashire Railway usually extends to the public.


To ensure a memorable and seamless experience for all attendees, priority boarding privileges have been granted to those who participated in last year’s event. As a result, the number of available seats for this year’s Festival Flyer is limited. Organisers urge interested individuals to book early to secure their spot and avoid disappointment.


Moreover, the proceeds from this enchanting evening will be generously donated to the East Lancashire 2026 Festival, allowing attendees to contribute to a worthy cause while revelling in the joy of the occasion.


Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to be part of the Festival Flyer23, an event that promises to raise funds and create lasting memories filled with fun and camaraderie. Gather your friends and family, book seats, and embark on an unforgettable journey through time and nature. Let the charm of the steam train and the delightful company of fellow Freemasons and their loved ones make this an evening to cherish.


For more information and to book seats, please contact Peter Rees by email at